RC1 paves the way for the final version of Firefox 4

Firefox 4 has finally graduated from beta testing on the stage of release candidate. Better yet, according to weekly meeting notes of Mozilla, there are show stopping bugs and “need a RC2 has not been identified.”

If you used the beta of Firefox 4 will be automatically updated to RC1. If you’ve been waiting for something more stable than a beta version, you can grab the release candidate from Mozilla’s download page.

The latest builds of Firefox 4 offers “stability, performance and compatibility improvements.” Mozilla also reports that he solved the bug more than 8,000 since the first beta of Firefox 4 has been released eight months ago.

The best news for fans of Firefox long time is that more than 70 percent of Firefox Add-ons have been updated to work with Firefox 4. If your favorite add-on still has not been marked as compatible with the latest release, you can help test it using the Reporter compatibility Firefox Add-ons.

With the most important bugs out of the way and the new capabilities, working as they should, Firefox 4 will probably arrive in final form very soon, perhaps as early as next week.

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